The new e-building control system has been made mandatory by Dubai Municipality as per a circular issued to consultancies and general contracting companies in the Emirates. Apart from this, the circular also tells customers about stoppage of civic body construction auditing services on industrial buildings. Customers were also provided with a handbook guiding them on the e-system usage.

Eng. Khalid Mohammed Salih, Director of Dubai Municipality building department, said, “The new move comes out of Dubai Municipality’s keenness on transferring services to smart and comprehensive systems by offering all engineering supervision services related to construction works online ensuring zero office visit.”

He also said that all applications for structural checking services before concrete spread-out, completion certificate, temporary water and electricity supply services, change of contractor or consultant, and deposit refund of building would be received through the very new e-control system by the building department which is going to be effective from 1st May, 2014.

Moreover, Dubai Municipality is not liable for taking care of structural checking services of industrial buildings any longer. The consultancy companies would be responsible to make it certain that construction project follows all technical criteria and specifications and the engineering principles and plans approved by the civic body.

In addition, as a step towards increased customer service “Dubai Municipality has prepared trained employees to provide support on the new system to customers at its Al-Karama and Umm Ramool centres,” said Salih.

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