Dubai is looking forward to seeing fabulous fireworks this year, in the hope to break all world records to date.

The grand hotel of Dubai, The Atlantis, is promising the people of Dubai an eye- catching show of fireworks that has never been seen before.  The guests eating at the hotel’s royal gala dinner will be hosted with opportunity to get front-row seats and enjoy the splendid sights of the fireworks. The total cost of money spent on the fireworks is said to exceed the amount that was spent on the Atlantis 2008 fireworks, which was an estimated Dh 11 million.

The current world record stated by Guinness World Records is said to be Kuwait City, whose fireworks stretched along 5 kilometers of seafront and lasted for 64 minutes. The fireworks represented their fifth year of constitution on November 10, 2012.

Dubai has a lot to look forward to with the New Year coming up and especially after winning the Expo 2020 bid, it has all the reasons and more to celebrate a new year and set world records.