Dubai aims to develop its medical tourism sector by offering world class customer service and facilities for patients around the world.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed a plan this week that it will gain profits of Dh1.2 billion by providing service to patients and their families, and transform Dubai to be the best medical tourism spot in the world.

Dubai is looking to draw customers for medical tourism from Russia, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, South Asia and GCC states and will be offering them with seven specialties, which will boost medical tourism.

Patients will be provided with top class customer service and some of the best healthcare facilities in the world. Special packages will be provided to the customers, which will include the cost of treatment, visa, and travel expense.

Focus on easing out the visa process for patients traveling to Dubai is also being worked on, with the DHA collaborating with the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to make sure this rolls out well.

“Dubai already has several elements that make it a favorable destination for medical tourism. Developing a strategy helps ensure the complete process from the time a patient visits Dubai for medical tourism right through the discharge and follow-up stage is smooth” said Eisa Al Maidour, Director-General of DHA

Customers will be provided with specialties from plastic surgery, dental care to health checkups and wellness. Dr. Ramadan Ebrahim, Director of health and regulations at DHA and director of Medical tourism project, highlighted the launch of a special medical tourism portal as well as special packages for medical tourism. Customers will be provided with exceptional services from 25,800 multilingual health professionals in the industry.

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