Dubai Healthcare city is planning to provide tourists and customers with quality treatments, from cosmetic treatments to holistic care and nutritional clinics.

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is all set to start phase 2 of the project. This will include surgical, beauty and holistic treatments for all travelers coming into the city. According to Marwan Abedin, Chief Executive Officer of DHCC the wellness project is under planning and will cover 19 million square feet.

The medical tourists will be given the service of comforting resorts, spas and sports medicine facilities. The plan will also include the addition of nutrition clinics for tourists who wish to learn more about wellness and healthcare.

The customer service provided to overseas patients has well planned strategies to provide them with a comfortable experience, by getting the customers to the right doctors, managing their travel and visas, and providing accommodation and transportation before and after treatment.

“For a medical tourist, one overshadowing question is about quality and safety assurance. We believe assurance of international standards is of key importance in drawing medical tourists along with aspects like specialization” said Mr. Abedin

The goal of the project according to Mr Abedin is to create Dubai as a major center for medical tourism and make it more attractive for tourists.

“Despite the growth of the medical tourism industry, few standards exist to ensure quality,” said Laila Al Jassmi, founder and CEO of Health Beyond Borders. “The quality concept should certify the international patient’s entire care cycle. We should also push for policies that govern the privacy of patient information and recommend certification of medical tourism facilitators.”