Customers can now benefit from Du’s innovative tool of YouTube videos, and get assistance by watching tutorials whenever they like.

Du has reached out to its customers, by offering expert advice and tips on questions asked by customers.  The telecom company has used its Du YouTube channel as a platform to assist customers, by giving them step by step video tutorials on fixing and handling issues related to their mobile, landline, and internet or television services.

This form of social media assistance helps customers learn about more ways to use their service, as well as resolve their issues whenever they like. The channel covers various issues and topics, such as how to activate a new package, calculate data usage and multiple other videos that provide a faster and easier customer experience.

Du’s Customer Service and Brand and Communications teams have brought together their inputs and developed the videos, which consist of advice and guidelines from experts in the company. There is a wide range of videos that have been added to the channel and more videos are updated regularly.  There are 50 videos in Arabic and English available on Du’s YouTube channel so far, with thousands of views from customers.

Ismail Mohammed, Senior Vice President Customer Operations, Du, said: “We are committed to reach out to our customers in innovative ways, and social media channels are increasingly becoming a popular medium. It gives them round the clock access to our teams’ expert advice at their fingertips.”

Du is focused towards developing social media platforms for customers to engage on and even use it to provide customer service. Also, Du recently launched the Google Family Application Suite, which lets customers connect all their Google apps on multiple devices.