Customers of du can now use unlimited data to connect with social media via the social apps package.

du has launched a new Unlimited Social Data Pack deal which lets customers have unlimited access to their most frequently used apps, such as Facebook, Twitter , WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Customers just need to subscribe to the data service, Pay as you Go, and can enjoy a quality experience of unlimited data. Customers’ needs to pay only Dhs2 per day and can access all these Apps.

As a customer service step, the unlimited data package comes with an added service of , Balance Shock Protection, which is a new add on that protects the customer from paying extra, by ensuring they only pay for data that they wish to consume. Customers using social apps etc. on their smartphones don’t have to worry about being charged for unwanted data consumption. Some apps keep running in the background and use up data, without the customer actually knowing.

All du mobile customers can register for the Unlimited Social Data Pack, to enjoy the service. This also includes customers who have numbers that start with 050 and 056. The Pay as you Go, customers can subscribe with paying only AED 2 per day, while customer’s registered to monthly plans can subscribe for AED 40 per month.

“Social networking is the number one use of mobile data in the UAE, and knowing how our customers love to stay connected to the people and things they love, we wanted to give them unlimited access to be able to enjoy continuous connectivity,” said Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer, du.

Customers can enjoy the services of unlimited data, with the use of smartphone, tablets and other various devices which can run the social applications. Customers won’t be able to use the service on black berry phones with OS 7.0 or lower. They can however avail for BlackBerry social Package, which requires them to send an SMS to 1355, by adding the keywords, ‘bb social’.