Doha Bank, in an announcement, revealed the launch of Tablet Banking facility, which is part of the bank’s effort to offer digitalized banking experience and enhance customer service quality. The new digital account opening solution will enable customers to open an account with the bank and receive their debit card right there and then at the Doha bank branch. The latest initiative reflects Doha Bank’s commitment to innovation and value addition for customers. The new service is likely to appeal to tech enthusiastic, who will now be able to benefit from efficient service.

The new account opening has been designed with a focus on customer security through its updated technology platform, which protects the customer’s personal identity and information.

Dr. R.Seetharaman, Doha Bank’s CEO, said that the bank believes in enhancing customer service experience by offering smart solutions to all customers.

Mr. Suresh Bajpai, Doha Bank’s Head of Retail Banking highlighted the bank’s strategy to streamline the account opening experience and offer cross-border network support. The new banking solution offers smooth and easy integrations of various inbuilt processes. This will enable the bank to eliminate human errors, along with provision of 4G connectivity.

The new, innovative bank account comes with a wide variety of digital services that will help customers stay connected. Customers will also be able to self-register themselves for Doha Bank’s Online Banking after they have successfully opened an account and received their debit card.

The new service allows customers universal access to their accounts and enables them to conduct transactions around the clock, regardless of their location. The Doha Bank Mobile Banking app is also available on all major mobile platforms including Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones.

Additionally, customers with Doha Bank’s debit card can access the ever-expanding and extensive networks of ATM machines in Qatar where they can enjoy additional services such as bill payment facilities and cash and/or cheque deposits.