The survey done by Dubai Land Department (DLD) reflected about 90% of customers being fully satisfied with the services provided by the offices and appreciated the efficiency of the office that helps customers save time.

Dubai Land Department (DLD) has released the news that 113 of its Registration Trustees Offices operating in the city are working towards enhancing the performance and customer service provided to the customers, keeping positive customer reviews in perspective for the future as well.

Sultan Al Akraf, Senior Director Services Management at DLD, said, “Despite the fact that the registration trustee offices and the services they provide are new, the offices managed to gain high percent of customer satisfaction. All our offices deliver the high standards set by DLD for these offices and put customer satisfaction at the top of all priorities. The survey we conducted also showed that employees of the offices are working with the same level of the land department’s performance standards, to provide high quality services to all customers.”

Al Akraf added, “We continuously strive to develop our customer service which reflects the Department’s strategy aimed at supporting Dubai’s real estate market and to be the best environment globally when it comes to attracting investment.”