A technical glitch in connectivity left customers with money mistakenly debited from their bank accounts.

Customers who lost money through technical errors on Saturday are being returned the amount by the banks. Customers instantly posted on social media websites about their money being returned. Khalid Majed, who is an Emirate NBD customer, tweeted that he had received his full amount that was incorrectly debited.

The banks acted quickly by returning customers their total money and ensuring there would be no delays – and customers got their money back as soon as possible.

Another customer, Majed told the Gulf news that a large amount got debited from his account after he had tried to use the ATM machine to withdraw cash multiple times and was unsuccessful.

It is still undecided why the glitch took place that is said to affect “several banks”, according to Network International, who also mentioned that the cause was a “slowed connectivity grid leading to a queue up of transactions.”

Other than Emirate NBD, customers of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) claimed they were also affected and this news was confirmed by an ADCB spokesperson who said they faced a “technical incident” with their credit card provider.

“In most cases, the impacted transactions were immediately reversed automatically and the remaining transactions were reversed subsequently.”

The customer service of ADCB informed their affected customers via SMS and also credited the customers with loyalty point’s equivalent to the amount that was transacted, as a courtesy.

This communicated to customers the value they represent for the banks and the effort the banks undergo to ensure their customers are satisfied with their service.