Passengers of UAE carriers will now have the service of using their electronic devices in flight.

The Civil aviation authorities had a meeting with all UAE-registered airlines in Dubai for decreasing the restrictions set upon passengers regarding usability of electronic devices during different points of flight.

Passengers flying from UAE carriers will be granted the authority to use mobile phones and other electronic systems during flight, except after take-off and prior to landing.

“The civil aviation authority told airline representatives it has agreed that they permit their passengers to use their mobile phones, including smart phones and all other electronic devices in all flight stages,” Emirat Al Youm daily said, quoting Ismail Al Baloushi, Assistant Secretary General of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

The freedom to use mobile and other electronic devices will let passengers have a more relaxed customer experience, since the time on the flight will be utilized, whether using the devices is for entertainment or getting work done.

He also highlighted that the decisions were based on examining and understanding multiple studies that were done on mobile phones and electronic devices.

“The study also showed people have become much reliant on such devices…the decision we have taken will positively affect passengers and increase the competitiveness of UAE airlines,” Baloushi added.