Companies are coming up with strategies to make customer service experience easy and enjoyable for the customers so they can grasp their attention and keep them engaged.

Who said that customer service strategies have to be boring and technical? The trends of customer service are changing, which is impacting how customers now react to different stimuli and what grabs their attention the most.

The new strategies have changed to become more dynamic and appealing for the customer, who is always looking out for innovation and creative offerings.  The social media and digital service has also brought in new media to provide better service.

The customers of Emirates NBD (National Bank of Dubai) have an exciting saving product offer called ‘Shake n Save,’ which permits customers to save from Dh50 to Dh2000 by just shaking their mobile device. They have launched a mobile savings account, which is a pioneer in the region and lets customers save money simply through their mobile devices.

“Emirates NBD is continuously on the lookout for ways to offer customers an enhanced banking experience by launching value added services in the digital banking space,” said Suvo Sarkar, General Manager – Retail Banking, Emirates NBD.

“’Shake n’ Save is a significant initiative in Emirates NBD’s on-going strategy to encourage customer migration to digital banking through greater use of mobile and online banking channels. It is also the first example of a combination of popular technology trends, gamification and financial services, positioning Emirates NBD at the forefront of banking innovation.”

Emirates NBD mobile banking customers can easily download the Emirates NBD Mobile Banking App and start using their’ Shake n’ Save’ account. They will have to pre-set a range between Dh50 and Dh 2000, which they can save by shaking their mobile device, which will create a random amount within the range, that can easily be transferred from a debit account to the ‘”Shake n’ Save” account.  Customers can make as many shakes a day and get the saving amount they want. “Shake n’ Save” is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry10 users.