Survey done for Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reveals the preference of Dubai Metro over using personal cars.

A recent survey done on the Dubai Metro for the use of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has shown that 20 percent of Dubai Metro passengers own personal cars but instead choose to ride by the metro as part of their daily travel.

About 70 percent of the passengers commented on choosing the Metro for its high quality services; reduced travel time and affordability. As per the survey, out of 500,000 average daily metro users, a minimum of 100,000 own cars.

This signifies the demand of convenience and affordability in the people of Dubai, who enjoy the quality customer service which the metro provides.

“The survey throws up quite a few surprises. The common public perception about a mass transit system is that it is normally used by low-income groups or the elderly but the survey shows that the trend is changing. The younger generation and educated people are using the Metro, even though they have cars,” Abdullah Yousuf Al Ali, Acting CEO of the RTA’s Rail Agency, said.

“It reveals the social fabric of Metro users and where the future of public transport is moving in Dubai. It is really an interesting peek into the class of people using the Metro and how more and more people are opting for public transport as a reliable means for their daily commute,” he added.