Customers using the metro for commuting, will have the option to shop from the retail giant, Carrefour, within the Dubai Metro Station.

Carrefour, a Leading retail supermarket will be opening its first outlet in the Dubai Metro Station, situated at the Union Square. The National reported, that the outlet will be introduced by the end of the year, reaching out to customers using the metro for commuting.

Multiple companies have benefited from this opportunity of providing their business to consumer’s at the metro stations. These include, Enoc’s Zoom convenience outlets, UAE exchange, Marina pharmacy and other providers as well.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is looking to expand the retail space, since 77 percent of it has been consumed by existing companies, and the rest will be filled up by new ventures, such as the Carrefour supermarket.

The Green and Red lines of the metro, have a total of 197 retail units, out of which 152 have been occupied. The metro stations have been looking to provide customers with quality customer service and wide array of choices at the station, so all their requirements are met, at one destination.

Not just retail shops, but other service providers such as ATMS etc. are also placed at the station, with 190 ATM locations so far. As per the RTA, a total of 138 million people used the Metro service last year, which saw 450,000 passengers in a day. Tapping into a giant market like this is a great opportunity for business looking to cater to larger markets and increasing revenues.

“RTA is trying to get the best mix of tenants, not only for the riders but also to serve the area around the stations as a community centre,” said Andrew Williamson, head of retail at the professional services consultancy JLL.