For the first time in UAE, NBD customers banking at a terminal can interact with a teller via video chat and conduct transactions.

Emirates NBD has launched a new interactive teller machine (ITM) for the sole purpose of enhancing customer experience. The ITM developed by NCR, a US based technology company offers real time video connection between the customer and the teller thus improving banking experience.

Customers can avail the new ITM service at the Ibn Battuta mall branch. There is also news that the service will be added to four more locations in the next few months. The new ITM offers several services to improve customer experience, including the choice of using Emirates ID to carry out banking transactions such as encashment or deposit of multiple cheques and making enquiries about accounts, withdrawals and loans, etc.

Suvo Sarkar, Senior Executive Vice-President and Group Head for Retail Banking and Wealth Management said that the new ITM offers convenience to banking customers. He also reiterated that Emirates NBD is offering innovative solutions to customers. With the new machine, customers of the bank in UAE would be able to interact with a teller via video who can help them conduct transactions without being limited by banking hours.