With the onboard Wi-Fi service sponsored by Ooredoo Qatar, customers can use portable electronic devices to access emails, browse the internet and also send messages via their smartphones.

Ooredoo and Qatar Airways have signed a three year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that states that Ooredoo will sponsor Qatar Airways ‘ Onboard Wi-Fi service to improve the customer experience on Qatar Airways flights and provide better connectivity to passengers while they travel. This will enable them to use portable smart devices to access emails, browse the internet, etc.

The idea behind this is to offer the very best onboard experience to customers. Waleed Al Sayed, CEO, Ooredoo Qatar, stated that Ooredoo strives to ensure that customers can always enjoy the best network service wherever they are in the world. He said that they are pleased to offer connectivity to passengers’ onboard Qatar Airways flights.

With Ooredoo’s sponsorship, all passengers on Qatar Airways flights can enjoy free Wi-Fi for the first fifteen minutes. After the free period ends, customers will be able to continue using the Wi-Fi service by entering their credit card details, which will be charged for the internet usage.