Customers will now be updated about their shipment via three text messages, confirming their order etc.

Bahrain Duty Free has recently re-launched their shop & collect facility, with an upgrade for customers at Bahrain International Airport. The duty free shop now offers better customer service, by decreasing the shipment processing time and improving the overall customer interaction with the shop. The new system will keep customers in the loop about their shipment, by sending three text messages at different intervals.

The first text message will be received by the customer 45 seconds after completing their order, the second will be received one hour prior to receiving the order and the last will be received 45 seconds before collecting the item.

Bahrain Duty Free Head of HR and Marketing Bassam Al Wardi highlighted that the main purpose for this new upgrade to the system was to make the process simpler for the customers and keep them in the loop throughout.

“From our testing, the feedback from our customers has been particularly encouraging; which assists us in our goal to continue offering world beating service to our customers” said Al Wardi.

An assigned area for the customers has been chosen, where trained staff will work in line to make sure the pick-up process is without delay and shoppers have a smooth customer experience. The customers can see details of shipment onscreen which are displayed in the area, and can also use their sms or receipt for authentication.