Corporate Customers of Al-Hilal bank will now be able to enjoy convenient and efficient online banking services.

Al-Hilal Bank in UAE has publicized its achievement of adopting the efficient Finacle corporate e-banking solution, from Infosys. The solution will equip Al-Hilal to deliver its customers with complete internet banking services in a more smooth and secure manner.

The Infosys solution gives customers the chance to do their banking online and not have to worry about going to branches. The online banking offered by Al-Hilal lets customers use their account services, make transfers, payments and manage transactions etc. This will save time and improve the overall customer experience.

The system also provides strong security for customers, such as two – factor authentication, transaction signing, and one-time passwords. In addition, it sends alerts and news to customers.

“The adoption of the latest and best banking technologies is a priority for Al Hilal Bank, in keeping with our spirit as a progressive Islamic bank. The Infosys Finacle e-banking platform enables us to provide a customized, multi-channel experience for our corporate customers. This new and secure internet banking capability is a reflection of our continued focus on making banking as convenient, as technology-enabled and as cost effective as possible for our valued customers,” said Mohammed Jamil Berro, Group CEO, Al Hilal Bank.

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