Al Ansari Exchange, a foreign exchange and global money transfer company, has given its customers in UAE a new option to send money to their relatives and friends across the world at any hour of the day with the launch of its self-service kiosks. According to Al Ansari the kiosks are powered by MBME (Max Box Middle East) and customers can find them at select branches.

The kiosks use advanced technologies which ensures that customers can avail Al Ansari’s services at their leisure. This will significantly enhance customer experience. Above all, the new self-service kiosks offer a user-friendly interface that facilitates customers to instantly transfer money 24/7 with ease and security.

The General Manager of Al Ansari Exchange, Rashed Ali Al Ansari said on this occasion that they are observing latest trends in the market and a large number of their customers want to use new ways to transfer money. He expressed hope that the new initiative will enable customers to process their transactions at a time that best suits them. The executive also said that their company will further expand its network of self-service kiosks.

On the other hand, the Managing Director of MBME, Dr. Anas Barbouti said that their company is excited to add Al Ansari’s services to its kiosks along with several other payment solutions. Barbouti said that MBME’s kiosks are safe, efficient and user-friendly, which will allow Al Ansari’s customers to remit money with convenience.