Oman Air has introduced a new multi-segment ticket option, called Oman Air Rahal for its customers. The new ticketing option offers Oman Air travellers an impressive discount of up to 30% on multiple Economy or Business Class seats on flights that travel between Muscat and various destinations across the Gulf region including Tehran.

GCC destinations that fall under Oman Air Rahal include Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Doha, Muscat, Riyadh, and Abu Dhabi. This new offer is set to enhance customer experience.

The multi-segment ticket option will enable travellers to make reservations on four return flights to any of the destinations covered by Oman Air Rahal, but they only have to confirm the first flight at the time of reservation. Customers can decide the timings of the remaining flights later at their convenience, however, all fights must be taken within a year of purchase of ticket.

The lowest price of an Economy Class Oman Air Rahal ticket is OMR 123 for each person for eight flight segments between Muscat and Dubai, originating in Oman. On the other hand, Business Class seats will cost passengers OMR 496, if the flights are originating from Oman. If the origin is Dubai then it will cost AED 4508. By availing this offer customers can save as much as OMR 53 or AED 528 in case of Economy Class and OMR 212 or AED 1932 when paying for Business Class tickets.

On the launch of Oman Air Rahal ticket, the Chief Officer Sales for Oman Air, Mahfood Al Harthy said they are pleased to launch the brand new multi-segment ticket option that will allow regular travellers to make great savings. In addition, it will enable Sindbad frequent flyer program members to obtain miles on all journeys for which they buy Oman Air Rahal ticket and they can redeem these points later against any flight, said Al Harthy.

The Chief Officer Sales also revealed that Oman Air Rahal tickets are available to customers till November 30, 2015. He said the ticket offers great value and convenience for customers and it is likely to have a huge demand. He suggested customers should reserve their Oman Air Rahal tickets as early as possible.