The Customer Charter of Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) is looking to increase the information given to customers regarding the services being delivered.

ATDD introduced its Customer Charter on day two of the Arabian Travel Market 2014. The goal of the ATDD customer charter is to enhance a customer’s knowledge and provide him or her with information about the services being offered, as well as to stay connected with stakeholders and cater to their problems and concerns.

The charter aims to include stakeholders into making resolutions and giving ideas for the tourism industry, by giving feedback on how to handle and delegate decisions for the tourism sector, to improve its performance and delivery.

Alia Al Humrani, ATDD Customer Relations Executive and the Customer Charter project coordinator, said, “The Charter represents an organizational policy that sets the standards related to customer service. It is also known as a code of practice which improves access to an organization’s service and promotes quality.”

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