In support of the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, the Abu Dhabi Airport, started its construction of the flagship building.

The building will be constructed opposite the Terminal 3 of the airport and will be completed by 2015.  The recently inaugurated Abu Dhabi Airport Business City is operating 3 major services and facilities, which comprise of Logistics Park, the business Center and the Business Park.

The new flag ship building is a new addition and holds key value in developing the project plan further. This is being done to facilitate businesses and provide them with comfortable service and experience so they can run their operations smoothly.

This initiative of the Business City will let businesses start with minimal requirements and run smoothly and effectively using the services provided. These services will include the fully furnished offices, storage warehouses and properly running customer service centers.

CEO said: “Abu Dhabi Airports’ goal is to support the drive in making Abu Dhabi an international hub for logistics, through capitalizing on its economic strength and strategic location, combined with offering a unique product that is efficient, convenient and cost competitive. Abu Dhabi Airport Business City’s flagship Building will enable global businesses interested in capturing the potential of the Abu Dhabi marketplace to establish themselves at the gateway to the Capital, creating access to new partnerships, and unparalleled global connectivity.”