UAE citizens get another gift on ‘Flag Day’, the 42nd National Day of UAE, in the form of increased housing assistance and welfare development, where they can enjoy the provision of a descent and safe life.

This initiative by President, Sheikh Khalifa, is a stepping stone towards the development and improvement of living standards of the poor citizens. As a part of Zayed Housing Programme, citizens will be able to get a higher cash grant this time, i.e. AED 500,000 to AED 800,000. In addition, UAE government will also build 10,000 houses for citizens in various Emirates. Other funding works and projects for citizens includes education, health, labour, social & Islamic affairs, culture, youth and community development.

As stated by the President, Sheikh Khalifa:

‘Our government’s ambition does not only seek to leverage indices of economic growth, though these are important, but also to improve the living standards of citizens, to put the UAE on the map of the world’s most advanced nations, in terms of justice, security, education, culture, housing, sports, health, environment and smart cities.’