Expats can now enjoy the liberty of paying same rent at the cost of honouring their cheques and taking care of the rented property.

Almost 85% population of Dubai is expat and there has been a rapid increase in rents after 2012 developments. Due to speedy price hiking of the rented properties, unscrupulous landlords keep intimidating their tenants. However, there still are a few who have obliged expatriates to enjoy living at the same cost by keep their apartments in tidy condition and paying their rents on time.

According to an Expat, Mustafa Kelmi, who is staying in Bur Dubai area for the past 15 years, for just Dh 45,000 per year:

‘When it is time to renew our contract, the building manager inspects the apartment and if he is satisfied then he renews it without any increase. And whenever they planned to increase our rent, they did give us prior notice.’

Undoubtedly, this has been a sign of comfort for the foreign nationals living in Dubai, whose landlords are not following the market trends by hiking rents on the basis of asking rentals published by real estate agencies online or in print.