Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas will be launching a new multiplex at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi with as many as 20 screens. The multiplex will feature all the latest technologies and innovations under one roof including the single largest cinema screen of 23.5 meters wide.

The latest initiative aims to redefine cinema experience for moviegoers with introduction of VOX 4DX in Abu Dhabi for the first time, which incorporates motion chairs, rain, wind and even scents to the cinema experience. The complete multiplex infrastructure includes 3 luxury VOX GOLD, 2 VOX MAX screens, VOX 4DX, private and child friendly branded cinema.

In addition to the superior cinema technology, the facility also offers customers common areas and service counter with 22 cashiers so that long queues are avoided. The customers will be allowed to book tickets online. Phones can be scanned with the e-tickets, hence there will be no need to collect the ticket from the counter.

VOX Gold cinemas has a dedicated premium lounge, where customers can order three course restaurant-style meals. For an improved customer experience, waiters will be there to serve refreshments throughout the duration of the movie. Blankets and pillows will also be available as the customers relax and enjoy the movie.

Cameron Mitchell, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Cinemas said that the latest project had come to reality after years of planning and research which involved witnessing the ingenious technologies being used across the world in the cinema industry. He said that moviegoers are going to enjoy the gold standard facility, since it compared with the best cinema facilitates in the world. He said that the facility offers multiple formats for the customers to choose from, since most of them want to try something different every time. He expressed hope that the new facility will become the ultimate entertainment destination for Abu Dhabi residents.

VOX Cinemas will feature movies from all around the world. The cinema also plans to screen live gaming events including football games and other major tournaments.

Previously, VOX 4DX concept was only available in Dubai and it would now add value to the customer experience of cinemagoers in Abu Dhabi.