Ooredoo Kuwait announced the launch of ‘Voice of Ooredoo Customer Experience’ (VOCE), which enables real-time customer service interactions. This initiative will help the telecommunication company receive, analyze and respond to customer queries.

Ooredoo became the first telecom operator to use ‘Voice of Ooredoo Customer Experience’ (VOCE) technology, which allows real-time feedback. This will allow the company to collect insightful customer information including feedback and other analytics, enabling Ooredoo to provide better customer experience. Accumulation of customer feedback on all fronts including customer care, retail or brand locations and other mobile platforms, will enhance the overall customer service experience.

Ooredoo will be collecting data from the surveys sent out on a daily basis to its customers, and subsequently this will help the company efficiently respond to customer queries and concerns. This information will also provide insights and data for Portfolio redesign in order to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

Ever since ‘Ooredoo Brand’ launched in 2013, the company has differentiated itself from competitors by deploying innovative technologies and ingenious strategies in order to capture a greater proportion of market share. It was the second operator to introduce wireless services in Kuwait back in December 1999. The company provides various services in the region including broadband internet, which can be tailored to meet the needs of corporate world.

In Oman, Ooredoo recently announced special packages for customers with disabilities, which reflects the company’s commitment to meet the needs of all its customers and support the overall welfare of the people.