Excelling in the service industry is always more challenging as compared to the product industry. Customers of the service industry are often more critical and demanding, since they are in direct contact with the service and experience more touch points.

When it comes to providing exceptional customer service at a beauty salon and ensuring a satisfied experience, management needs to keep service standards in perspective and customers in the center of the business.

Following are smart strategies that will produce customer satisfaction through simple steps.


Creating the Perfect Experience

The services offered at a salon are very personal and require a lot more attention and dedication as compared to other service. Customers usually visit the salon to look good and get a relaxing experience after long days of work and stress. The environment in the salon must be peaceful, with aesthetic interior, soft music and extremely polite staff.

Ensure that all items in the salon are clean and hygienic. You don’t want customers bad mouthing you for having dirty brushes and messy tables. Everything must be shining, organized and ready before the customer is served.

If the customer is interested in getting a massage, make sure you have scented candles, clean sheets, and most importantly no noise. Chatter from the other rooms or staff conversations should not be disturbing the customer.

Time Management

If the salon is overbooked or is running late to accommodate an appointment, then inform your client in advance and offer them with free extra services or a discounted rate when they come in next time. Show your customers you value them and don’t just look to make business.

Inform your customers on how much time it will take for the haircut or facial and make sure to provide service effectively within that time. Don’t be in a hurry either, to quickly serve the customer and move on to a new one. Every customer is an asset to the business and should be served sincerely.


Customers don’t like rushing into getting a spa treatment or a haircut without putting thought into it. It’s not just about the cost, but also the impact a treatment will have on them. Say will the red or shot hair suit them? Is an exfoliating body scrub the right choice for their skin type?

Give your clients the time and attention they are looking for and patiently try to understand what their requirements are. This will help your client gain trust on you and help you provide better customer service since you will know what the client is looking for and how to deliver it right!

Make sure you ask your client all the questions and queries they have, and give them a rough idea about how it will all be carried out. Your customers must feel comfortable and at ease while getting the service from your beauty salon.

Trained Staff

Staff hired by the company must undergo proper training and attend workshops to master their art. They should be experienced and dedicated individuals who know their work and will not disappoint the customer or deliver poor service.

For example a hair stylist should know her work well and be updated on what trends are in fashions. Also he or she should know how to take directions from the customer and produce work which the customer is satisfied with and not only what the stylist thinks looks good.

Staff shouldn’t talk unnecessarily with the customer, sharing their problems or work gossip. They don’t want to be let in on your issues or become friends, they are primarily there to forget their problems and have a nice experience.

Attention to Detail

Customers have a hundred choices to go to when it comes to salons, because the market is filled with them. It is a challenge to come out as the best and attract the most customers and gain customer loyalty.

One of the winning strategies is to pay attention to detail and win the customer buy offering what the market doesn’t. Invest in comfy furniture and beautiful lighting. Offer your customers tea and drinks.

Focus on the little things, remembering their name, how they like their coffee or tea, and service it in beautiful china or coffee cups. Offer them with mints and scrumptious cookies while they are waiting for their turn or even if they want it during the service.

Give them small giveaways like testers of new products or pocket size lotions, a come again card or even beautifully wrapped chocolates. These efforts don’t cost much but win your customers heart, resulting in a long lasting relationship.

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