Your business has grown in size, and now you have branches all over the city, country, and/or the world. ‘With great power comes great responsibility’; you are now responsible for providing the same premium quality customer service on all your branches. Many have failed while trying to accomplish this, but you must not worry. Ensuring that the following basics are properly looked after, you can very easily, yet efficiently, standardize the quality of customer service being provided on all your branches.

Standardized Training

The first and foremost factor necessary for achieving standardized customer service is ensuring that all your front line staff has received the same quality and quantity of training. The front line staff is your most important tool in the race for achieving customer satisfaction. Your customers expect your employees to have the same amount of knowledge about your products and working etiquettes no matter which branch they work from.

Atmosphere and Culture

Homogeneity in terms of architecture, atmosphere, and culture ensures that your customers witness the exact same customer experience no matter what the location.  Your customers have grown accustomed to certain aspects of your business e.g. the uniform of your employees, the ordering system at a fast food joint, etc. and it is psychologically comforting for them to experience the same atmosphere and culture no matter where they go.

If your companies philosophy is to be customer-centric than you must ensure all branches follow the same processes to reach out to customers and deliver a smooth experience.  Training should not only be on physical aspects, such as dress code, body language etc., but also in the attitude. Customer teams at all branches should be motivated in going the extra mile, accommodating the customer and promising quality service and personal attention.

Keep Them All in the Loop

How many times have you gone to your local store, all hyped up about buying the latest release of a certain shoe brand, only to learn that the design has not yet been released in your country. How can your business expect to achieve customer satisfaction if it is not even able to keep all your branches in the loop? Many a times, products that are released in the US, Europe, and UAE are not released in other developing countries. Not only does this affect your brand reputation, it might induce a sense of inferiority in your customers.

Standardizing quality will take a toll on your resources, but this is a step necessary for breaking the growth barrier. Despite the fact that it is a challenge to give the exact same customer experience at every branch, by adopting the above strategies and showing consistency and effort, near perfection can always be achieved.