Social media has seen tremendous growth in the last decade with more and more apps and services launching. One of the best customer service practices for businesses is to maintain an online presence, they should be present on social media platforms to build trust with customers. This medium is fast, instant and responsive when it comes to feedback for both the clients and businesses. If utilized properly, social media is a great medium for developing lasting customer loyalty. Social media holds the power to empower clients and strengthen your customer base. Here are some tips that can help you acquire customer loyalty through social media.


Experiment with various Social Media Platforms

There are numerous social media platforms that your business can invest in. Every single one comes with its own pros and cons. The popular choices for businesses usually consist of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, SnapChat and others. Depending on the target audience, demographics and medium you want to communicate through, you may choose whichever suits your needs. Experiment with different platforms before sticking to one or post through multiple ones for greater outreach.

Tell a Story through Pictures, Music and Videos

Social media is an excellent medium to tell stories about your business. You can easily narrate stories about how the business was conceived, how it got started and what the journey has been like till now. Many companies have conveyed brilliantly curated stories that have touched hearts not only in their own customer pool but in general public too.

Appreciate your Loyal Customers

Everyone delights in being appreciated in person and even more so when appreciated publically. Social media provides the best stage to perform such an ovation for loyal customers of your business. You can tag them in a post or even design an entire post just to let everyone know how much they mean to you and your business. Such an act will generate a deeper connection with your clients.

Offer a Long Lasting Experience

Customer experience holds utmost importance for all businesses. Social media has the capability of offering a long-lasting experience through its varied content and engagement for your clients. The more you indulge them, the longer you will be able to retain them. Personal interaction is the key to imparting an unforgettable impression on their minds.

Listen Carefully To Your Social Channels

Customers love to promote their favorite brands on social media. Similarly, if there is a complaint or an issue, they will head straight to these channels to voice out their frustration. In order to be successful, it is essential that businesses listen carefully to these channels to gather valuable feedback and act on it, this is likely to help you earn loyalty as customers feel you care about their opinion.

Develop a Personal Connection with your Audience

An average internet user spends most of his/her time browsing through social media apps. You can utilize this to establish a personal connection with them. Connect with each and every client, going the extra mile when catering to their needs. This will always help strengthen customer loyalty.