Customer feedback is the most effective way for businesses to rectify their mistakes and improve service experience. However, gathering quick and honest feedback from clients has always been a challenging endeavor. With the increasing use of social media, more and more people are turning towards it. According to research by Conversocial, 43% customers want social channels integrated with customer service channels. Hence, for businesses it is essential to pay attention to what customers are saying on social media. This platform can be used for gathering informal and instant feedback. Social listening can be used to empower your clients and listen to their suggestions. Every business should devise a social media feedback strategy and take regular responses from clients on various channels. This would not only help in measuring client satisfaction levels but is likely to give you an opportunity to identify loopholes in your service, enhance essential customer service skills and improve the experience according to your customers’ opinion. Posting feedback questions within your social media content is a smart way to get a quick response. Have a look at some more tips on using social media for instant feedback!

Incentivize Your Surveys and Polls

Short and interactive surveys and polls over social media are likely to get you quick feedback from customers. You can use images to make the questions more interesting. Keep the surveys and polls simple and short, it is easier for customers to respond if they are given options so you can simplify them by adding two/ three answer options for respondents. Incentivizing surveys and polls is likely to improve response rates, so you can offer customers coupons and discounts as a token of appreciation for taking time out and participating in the surveys.

Build Your Own Feedback Community

For every business there are brand advocates who like to express their commitment towards a business. They like to express their views about every new thing coming up and share their honest suggestions regularly. You can create a feedback community of loyal customers and ask specific questions to get deeper insight into what they want and how you should devise your service experience strategy in future. You can show appreciation to community members by featuring them on your social channels and rewarding them, this would encourage more customers to join the group and share their feedback with you.

Conduct a Focus Group over Social Media

Focus group is likely to get you insightful feedback from customers regarding your business and product/service. Feedback can be collected over social media by conducting a focus group. This would get you more specific responses from participants. You can use your social media accounts to invite participants, video chat can be used to ask questions and get answers. For instance, you can ask questions about new product packaging, video chat would help you record the expressions and answers of participants, giving you instant and credible feedback.