It is believed that words do not hold the gravity of actions. If you wish to show your gratitude and get through to your clients, a mere “thank you” each time won’t cut it. You must think of new and innovative ways of expressing your gratitude and show appreciation to customers on effective platforms. Social media has proven to be a great medium for business-customer interactions and proactively reaching out to customers. Learning and adapting to new ways of thanking clients will not only strengthen your relationship with them, but will also effectively convince them that they are valued by your brand. Evolve in your techniques of winning over your clients by sending them personalized messages, follow-up emails, introducing online discounts and generally connecting with them over your social networking pages. Here are all the gestures that will help show your appreciation to your clients:

Send Personalized Messages

One of the best customer service practices is personalizing your service. Cater to each client individually by sending personalized messages to thank them for their purchases. These thank you messages should have a human touch to them, and not a merely impersonal “Thank you for buying our product,” but a detailed note that asks them about their feedback along with a few words of gratitude that show them that they are adding value to your company. By interacting with your potential or existing clients on social media platforms, you will be forming a sound basis for a relationship with them. Use phrases such as “We consider ourselves lucky” and “We are so pleased!” Additionally, this will have an effect of positive reinforcement on customers. This will help in strengthening of client relationships.

Offer Digital Discounts and Giveaways

Another way of appreciating your customers would be to send them gifts as a “thank you” gesture. Offer digital discounts for your social media following, and make sure to state that it’s all a part of expressing your gratitude for your clients, as something that you’re giving back to them for their support. Offer them giveaways on special occasions, such as national holidays, and individually, on occasions like a client’s birthday or anniversary. Another idea is to introduce a special discount offer for customers who spend up to a certain amount on your products, for example, offering them a 50% off on everything after they have made a certain amount of purchase, as a thank you gesture.

Create Thank you Videos

Create short videos thanking your customers and share them on social media. Nothing will catch the attention of your online customers faster than an exciting 30 seconds video. Upload these videos on your official social media pages and tag your clients. Add a small story to the video, and appeal to the emotions of your audience by stating what an incredible part they have played in your brand’s journey. Include client testimonials, and make sure to end it on a note of appreciation.