Social media has a broader potential for brand building and client satisfaction. While many businesses are using it for engaging prospects and content marketing, this platform can be effectively used for improving service experience. Customer service has evolved with the digital age and clients these days want instant responses and quick resolution to their issues. Improving response time is vital for a delightful service experience. Immediate communication over social media can help a business deliver better customer support and satisfactory service. Another advantage of using social media channels for managing service experience is that clients prefer posting questions and reviews on this platform; hence improving your brand’s image and building personal connections with them has become easier through it. Have a look at some reasons why social media should be used for better managing your service experience!

Quick Response Time Helps Improve Quality of Service

Social media is one of the most convenient channels of communication for clients to reach out to businesses. If a client is confused about a product he/she would want an immediate response regarding how that product works, its benefits and the value for money it offers. Waiting for a response for hours becomes frustrating for clients and most of them find it easier to leave a business. Having social media presence is likely to improve the quality of your service, since you can minimize the response time and get back to your customers in minimal time. KLM, a Dutch Airline is using social media for client service, according to Socialbakers report, this airline has become one of the most responsive organizations on Twitter by offering 24/7 customer service.

Social Media Empowers your Customers

With social media customers feel more empowered, they can share their experiences with a brand and post questions whenever they want. This offers businesses an opportunity to rectify negative experiences and improve client relationships, building a positive image. If a client posts a bad review regarding your service, you can contact him/her personally and go the extra mile to fix the issue and change the perception about your business. You can earn brand advocates for your business by giving value to every single post, tweet and message on social media.

Transparency in Communication builds Trust

Customers want to be heard, the transparency of communication over social media is one of the reasons clients use it to share feedback and concerns since they know all their posts are public and can be seen by other people. This can be smartly used by businesses to build trust and confidence; appreciate your clients for sharing their honest opinions about your product/service, carefully read all their questions, reviews, suggestions and complaints, reply to them in detail addressing every point. Follow up with customers on social media to win their trust and make them contented with your service.

Personalized Brand Experience can be offered to Customers

Communication over social media is more informal and conversational, thuscustomers feel they are talking to a real person andshare theirinclinations and preferences which can be usedto personalize the experience for them. By listening to your clients on social media, you can personalize your brand message and experience according to their expectations. For instance, General Mills revamped their brand by promoting the family value of their product, the brand analyzed the customers’ social media posts through which it was revealed that they are using the dough for making shapes and designs as a fun family activity.

Integrate Customer Feedback on Social Media to show you Care

One of the best customer service practices is implementing client feedback to show you care for them and their suggestions really matter to your business. Social media can be used to show how you have utilized client feedback for improving the experience. For instance, if you have asked for opinion on product packaging by sharing two options, the one which receives more customer votes can be chosen and featured on all social media pages telling clients that their feedback is very important and valuable for you.