Are you losing your customers to your competitors due to slow and incompetent service? The goal in retaining your customers is not only achieved through the customer tools or software your company owns, but also through the value they enjoy from your customer service.

Creating an edge for your business can be achieved on the grounds of highly competitive customer service that provides quality experience, without compromising on time.

Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

No one enjoys waiting in long lines at stores, or being on hold over the phone line, while another customer is being served. Customers don’t have that kind of time for companies and would rather find a solution elsewhere, which offers faster service and more attention.

Provide Instant Solutions

Operations need to focus on providing instant solutions to the customers and not torturing them by forcing them to run back and forth from the front desk for help.  Let’s take an example of an IT based company that sells electronic gadgets and spends millions on advertising and marketing their products, in order to bring the customer to the point of sale.

What use is all the investment, when the customer has to stand in line or wait over the phone to get a small issue resolved about the product he or she just bought? The branding and value generation will all go to waste if you are unable to reduce the effort the customer has to make in order to get the company to help them out and provide efficient customer service.

Staff should be trained enough to have a quick response rate and have decision making abilities, so they don’t make customers wait forever to simply hear back a no from the operations end.

Self-service and Live Chat

There is no surprise as to why customers are turning to self-service or going online to find hassle free choices to get their problems resolved or gain better understanding of their product. Companies using live chat are better off than those without them.

Live chats help your customers log on to the website and talk to a live chat representative, which gets them through to the company faster.