Employ these Do’s and Don’ts of customer service and achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Do remember to leave your anger and frustration at home. Tolerance level for bad behavior = nil!
  • Don’t let laziness get to you. You have to be on your toes all the time. Customers want to see a jolt of electricity run down your spine as soon as they contact you for a problem.
  • Do make an effort to surprise your customers.
  • Don’t play hardball with customers. Always be flexible and ready to cater to the needs of your customers even if it means going an extra mile.
  • Do respect resources at the workplace. The internet is not for downloading movies, and the telephone is not for catching up with your granny. Respect the fact that your employer has trusted you with resources.
  • Don’t promise the stars. Customer service representatives tend to over sell themselves to customers. Be realistic in a polite manner.
  • Do be accessible. A rise in frustration is noted when customers find it difficult to contact customer service. Develop a user friendly website and interact with your customers.
  • Don’t use the size of your firm’s customers as an excuse for delayed customer service. You are not the only big firm out there, get over it! There is a chance that the customers paid more than the average market rates to get the services of your firm.
  • Do remember to stay active on your social media page. You created it, now act like a responsible customer service representative and get back to people with solutions to their queries. The purpose of a social media page is more than showing off the number of your followers.