Over the past few years e-commerce which defines the phenomenon of purchasing or spending money online has grown in size, strength and popularity. The idea of spending money online has become more and more approachable, from people looking at it with uncertainty, to a point where e-commerce has grown to such an extent that it is now a widely accepted form of business and transactions around the world. Thanks to new breakthroughs in cyber protection people have started to acknowledge online spending as a quick and efficient manner of purchases and payments. The question that goes unanswered is; what are the particular factors that contribute to the sudden rise in the popularity of the online spending?

Consumers Fancy Online Shopping Worldwide

The introduction of most retail products on popular websites has given consumers an extra option in regards to purchasing or paying. One of the highest sold products on the internet are books, clothing items and travel tickets. The global trend shows that when it comes to purchasing items most of the consumers prefer retailers that only have an online presence. One of the best driving factors about online shopping is the ease of access. Most people have submitted reviews about products or services that they have used and in a buyer’s decision making process this step fits in perfectly when the buyer surveys his options. Naturally countries with a higher amount of internet users manage to make a larger contribution to the total income from online sales and purchases. The fact that often times online stores price products at a much lower rate, deviates users towards buying their desired products online. The advancements in software development have managed to provide easy ways to websites through which they manage to keep customers satisfied and perform their obligatory customer service duties.

E-Commerce Boom follows Market Trends in UAE

The reason behind the increase in e-commerce in Dubai and the UAE is because of the fact that customers now have more confidence in the system and procedures of online shopping. It is also worth noting that the UAE government has encouraged its population to make more transactions online by allowing utility bill payments through the internet. The government has also taken huge strides to maintain control over cyber-crime. More so the government of UAE has also prepared the region for growth in e-commerce by introducing the federal laws regarding e-commerce and cyber-crime specifically for the purpose of regaining the consumers’ confidence.

Customer service is also a thriving example of the success of e-commerce in the UAE. One of the main turning points was when banks in the UAE encouraged their consumers to use their credit cards by announcing big discounts on certain bundles. Above all there is an incentive in the introduction of websites that provide a good shopping experience along with amazing prices and facilities such as free home delivery. As long as companies and websites manage to satisfy customers through the quality of their product or the efficiency of their customer services there are fewer chances of deviating customers.