Recent times have seen the use of internet grow substantially among the world’s population. The fact that more and more people have started going online for one reason or the other is hardly surprising given the statistics over the past few years. Currently the world registers over 2.2 billion internet users throughout. Global E-commerce revenue equaled $680 billion which was an 18.9 percent increase from last year. This means that global purchases around the world are increasing to a point where it could offset the balance of traditional media and methods of purchasing with that of the online one. It is easier to set out on entrepreneurial ventures now more than ever.


Essential Endurance Steps

To keep up to date while running a multi-billion dollar business could be one of the most important factors for the CEOs. In order to cope with the changing trends and increased online interest, companies now have to follow inclinations and make adjustments accordingly. Naturally there is an increase in competition and the fact that business ventures are so easy to start up generalizes the whole issue. E-commerce can now manage unlimited opportunities in markets that were previously unexplored and inaccessible. Customer service can be a tricky matter for online websites but recent software advancements and growing awareness of the online industry such as chat and prioritization of phone helplines and e-mails are good methods of keeping customers satisfied. Keeping a strict code for excellent customer service can often prove to be the turning point for most online businesses.

Trend Variations in the UAE

In the UAE however e-commerce seems to be the most thriving thing. One astounding figure about this region is how internet users tend to manage more buying and acquiring on their smartphones (29%) as compared to the percentage of internet users who make purchases over PC’s. The rest of the world seems to follow a different trend in these terms with 73% of internet users making purchases over their PCs while 50% prefer the smartphone way of procurement. These figures were concluded thanks to a TNS report named Digital Life and the title manages to describe most of the findings very well. The foremost reason for these trends is that the UAE is one of the countries that clocks the highest amount of time spent on the internet through the use of mobile phones. 90% of the internet users in UAE are online everyday while globally this figure is 86% meaning a marginally less frequency of internet usage worldwide as compared to the UAE. The differences between trends worldwide and the UAE makes for a good report on how online and other industries in the region should manage this shift in culture.

Finding The Balance

Such deviations around the globe as well as a country such as the UAE can mean big changes in the way websites and other business tools such as customer service are managed. Traditional means have been ignored recently for digital replacements of the same practices.