The largest based media event in the Middle East and North Africa region is called CABSAT (Cable and Satellite Exhibition). This event is held on an annual basis and the upcoming one this year is said to be better than ever before. The 19th edition of CABSAT 2013 is being held at the Dubai Trade Center in the mid-March 2013, with visitors from 110 countries are expected to attend this event. Basically the event puts all digital media banners under one roof for a period of time to educate people and explore the industry for its true potential. During the event different satellite media companies as well as digital and social media companies from the region and around the globe come together. CABSAT is an event where different companies participate and forge, build and maintain relationships with other ‘players’ in the industry. Besides that, CABSAT academy provides education through training, workshops and discussions are held to improve knowledge.

Rise in Digital Media and the Transition Period

In recent times the digital television viewing triumphs have outscored previous records. Nearly 10 Countries in the MENA region are said to have achieved a 100% penetration rate with digital TV. People now have become more prone to catching up on missed TV programs through digitally recorded media. Since the option of recording live TV is available most people tend to record things they miss to catch up on later. Along with this there is also a general increase in the amount of people now using social media and online streaming. Surveys showed high online viewing in the month of Ramadan. The research carried out by Liquid Thread claims that digital video recording through the set top box will increase over the next 10 years making the region a positive environment for digital and Social media to flourish.

Highest Penetration Rates in the Region

Speaking of the amount of people subscribing to digital TV services the MENA region boasts fairly impressive statistics. According to accredited research it can be concluded that most countries in the geographic area of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) have managed to convert its population to digital TV. 85% of all households in this region have now subscribed to digital media. Facebook provides more evidence for the impressive penetration in this region given the fact that social media is used in UAE and Saudi Arabia just as much as countries like USA and the UK. People now prioritize their daily spent time on social media such as Facebook and Twitter much higher than the time spent on popular email servers.

CABSAT Providing Platform to Promotes Business Opportunities

Also known as CABSAT MENA, 91% of visitors consider it to be the leading event in the region for the digital media industry. At the event in 2012, Cisco was one of the highly ranked brands marketing attention to its video technology. Other companies and CEOs also voiced their approval for the CABSAT network. Being the third largest Digital Media convention in the world it has been developing at a very impressive rate. The broadcast and the media agencies are the major contributors towards the attendance of the event including the best business leaders.