The social media revolution has taken the world of customer service by storm, taking the competition amongst companies to a whole new level. Twitter is not only used as an effective marketing tool but also a medium to provide customer service and support. This trend is constantly growing as most top brands have a dedicated twitter handle for customer service and support. In this article, I will be sharing with you some pretty easy-to-follow guidelines for enhancing customer service experience on Twitter.


Twitter is fast and real time. Companies can interact instantly with their customers and provide them with the relevant information that they are enquiring about or give solutions to problems. Customers are no longer willing to spend hours waiting over the phone on hold to be answered by a service representative. Customers demand speed and instant solutions as their rights now, and any company not offering that, will lose their customer base sooner or later. Once you make a social media account of your firm on twitter, make sure you utilize the speed and provide instant customer service. The basic purpose of creating a customer service portal on Twitter is to speed up the customer service process. Slow responses can lead to people bad mouthing about your company on Twitter, and trust me when I say this; you do not want that to happen at any cost! Bad reviews on social media spread like wild fires.

Customer Service Experience on Twitter

Tweet the Right Content

When providing customer support not only giving a timely response is important, giving out the right and correct information is essential. A customer service rep using twitter must be well equipped to deliver the right message in the right time which satisfies the customer.

Human Touch

Customer satisfaction tends to increase when customers communicate with the customer service representatives on a more personal, ‘human’ level. Become more approachable and ‘human’ while tweeting, reveal your name in the tweets while interacting with customers.

Giving excellent customer service on Twitter will eventually result in happy customers who will give you good reviews about your service and help build brand credibility and image.

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