Product launch events have been gaining a lot of popularity as they allow companies to not only market their products more effectively; they also enable them to directly interact with their customers. With the correct approach and a little guidance businesses can easily pull off a successful event which is productive in terms of sales as well as customer service. Creating the right experience for your customers at the event is essential for the positive image of your brand. Here are some ideas to make your product launch event a success.

Convenience and Accessibility

The first step is to create hype about the product launch event through multiple communication channels. You can create a Facebook page with event details and ask your customers to register for it. You have to make it convenient for them to attend the event so make sure passes to the event are available at multiple venues. Email or post invites to those who have registered for the event online. Accessibility has a very major effect on the deciding behavior of your customers so make sure that the event is planned at a central location where people would be able to reach easily. Customer convenience is the key to having a successful event. Also ensure that a friendly reminder is sent to them a couple of times before the event.

Arrange According to Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience will enable you to organize and plan the right essentials for the event. Find out who your customers are and what they would want. The target audience for a high end makeup brand would be different from motorbikes for instance.

Themes can be interesting but they have to be relevant to the product and something the target customers can relate to. The interest of your audience has to be vital to pull off a brilliant event. Arranging a concert for instance would be fun for a younger audience. Having a flash mob is another idea. Creating the right atmosphere and offering something interesting at the event which also highlights the need of your product is a great way to make your customers remember you. For example, in case of a hair salon launch, you could offer free haircut or blow-dry and ask customers to get before and after pictures taken. Not only would it make your customers happy, you would also be able to showcase your talent. Creating a pre-event hype is an ideal way to ensure maximum turnout, advertising the rewards which would be available at the event would certainly lure in the customers.

Add the Wow Factor

Your guests take out time to visit your event so it goes without saying that they have to be entertained. Adding the wow factor to your event would ensure success, surprise your customer with unique ideas.

When Coast launched its first flagship store in Oxford Street, it arranged for a number of models to walk in the street dressed up in full length gowns and carrying white parasols to gain the attention of the customers to have them visit the shop. The event turned out to be a huge success. Doing something different is a great way to attract the attention of your customers.

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Facilitate your Guests

If your event has an exclusive guest list, make sure that your customer service staff at the event is equipped with all the necessary details. This will ensure that as soon as the guest arrives he/she is warmly greeted and taken care of.

Let us take the example of Apple Stores, where representatives holding iPads warmly welcome customers and ask for their names. Their information is shared with other representatives which ensures that the customer’s name and his preferences are known to any employee who comes into contact with him. As a result customers do not have to repeat their names, problems or buying preferences for every representative and they receive a very personalized service. A similar strategy could be adopted at events to facilitate customers.

Various events fail because they are not planned keeping in mind the convenience of the customer. You have to make sure that your customer is well facilitated at the event and is having a good time. Make sure all the basic facilities are available and accessible. It would be a hassle for your customers to search around the venue. If it is a huge location, make sure maps are available and there are representatives to guide them through anything they find confusing or difficult.

Give Rewards and Benefits

What is a product launch without customer benefits and rewards? People want the free stuff and there is no reason not to comply with their wishes. Offer a discount on your products which are available at the launch and make sure you have free giveaways which you can either distribute through quizzes, games or just randomly. Giving loyalty cards to the participants would also create goodwill between the customers and business.

Allow customers at the event to test the product you are selling, customers often realize that they need something after they get acquainted with its use and performance. By allowing them to test it, you are create a possibility for your product to be bought.

Feedback is Essential

Your product launch can be a great venue to learn more about what your customers expect from you. Ask them how you can make your products better and since there is always room for improvement, keep an open mind for suggestions.

You can also ask your customers what they would like the company to launch, this way you might come across a brilliant idea or at least get an idea about what your customers are expecting. This customer oriented approach would make the customers feel that you value their opinion and you care about their needs.

Events are a great way to create more meaningful customer-business interactions. Organizing events show your customers that their involvement matters to you, so make sure you arrange an event for them which is worth remembering.