Restaurants do not just serve food, they provide an entire ambience which keeps the customers coming back for more. Industries serving either businesses or consumers have adapted technology to gain a competitive edge and the restaurant industry is no different. Technology cannot only help improve customer service but also increase the level of engagement which can be converted into sales.

Smartphone Applications

Smartphone applications can be developed with multiple functionalities. A safe estimate suggests that more than 1 billion people are using smart phones globally. Considering this, restaurants can use mobile phone apps for online booking facilities and adding social media buttons. Apps can also be used by restaurants as a communication tool to send alerts to their customers about the new seasonal offers, cuisines introduced, or discounts.

Ordering through the website

Websites are no more just a source of information for customers. Modern restaurants are ensuring that they make the user experience more interactive by providing them with online booking options, a form to provide feedback and showcase their customers’ experience besides adding photo galleries of cuisines served. Similarly, incorporating tools such as live chat support and commenting option on the website can add value to the service experience.

Using Database for Customer Retention

Keeping a record of your customers is crucial. For example, email addresses of customers who subscribed to the newsletter or signed up for registration can be used to send invites. Similarly, all logs of customer complaints must be kept and the problems should be addressed head on. Customer records help restaurants identify the weak areas, enabling them to work around and improve the overall service experience. Similarly, customers’ names along with their food preferences can be saved in order to anticipate their future choices. On a return visit, the customer can be provided with the option to select from their favorite cuisines and recommendations can also be made accordingly. Buying behavior of customers can be gauged by analyzing data over a period of time.

Digital Menus & Checkout

Digital menus give a contemporary touch to the overall atmosphere. Many restaurants around the world are already using self-service iPads to get orders from customers. iPads can be fixed on tabletops, enabling customers to choose directly from the list of items. Digital menus can be easily modified. These menus can be made more attractive by the use of pictures of different items served. The same iPads can be used to help customers order food directly from their table and make payments through online checkout system.

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