The Jumeirah Beach Residence area has proved itself time and again that it is the most happening spot in Dubai. It has previously enticed people with all that it has to offer through The Walk, and now it’s set to become a fast favorite once again with the advent of The Beach.

Yes, it’s another shopping mall, but it offers things that no other shopping mall in Dubai can. Its selling point so far has been the absolutely unique entertainment that it helped bring to JBR. From the get go it seems like The Beach has been trying to change the game for many customers who flock to shopping malls for entertainment. First, it brought out the Sand Castles and now it’s giving UAE a taste of the big screen right under the stars. The outdoor cinema has been a much-anticipated project, one that promises to remain a fast favorite with many.

The Walk is also looking at an amphitheatre and a 240-room beachfront hotel. And with that level of development, some people have raised an eyebrow over the traffic problems the residents and customers frequenting the area will have to encounter.

Looking For a Solution

While it may seem terrible, things are about to change for people who are troubled by the JBR traffic. The Dubai Properties Group may be aiming to create a world-class beachside destination, but if people can’t get in and out smoothly then there’s no point. And that is exactly why the development in JBR isn’t going to remain restricted to entertainment venues; solutions to the traffic congestion problems are also being set in place. This comes as an effective solution for ensuring customer satisfaction.

For starters, a parking space large enough to house around 1200 cars is being constructed in JBR. It is meant to tackle the additional influx of cars that will likely become a part of the equation as the work underway on both The Beach and The Walk is completed.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is also looking into renovating existing routes to create two lanes so that the traffic can be better tackled. This is going to help reduce the congestion during peak traffic hours, and will most likely offer people a respite from the time they spend staying stuck on the roads.

JBR is also set to benefit from the new Trams that are going to help curb traffic issues. The idea is that people should be encouraged to leave their cars behind and use the trams to get to the fun filled offerings at both The Beach and The Walk.

Trams are a welcome addition to the Dubai transport system as people see this as a step for improving the level of customer experience:


The DPG also hopes to encourage the use of public transport for the residents of JBR. Weekends are the busiest in terms of traffic in the area.

The Outdoor Cinema

The outdoor cinema is slated to be a first for the UAE with no other venture of its kind around. It features a high definition screen which will be showcasing some very interesting movies. People who are interested in getting a better look won’t have to crane their necks as the screen is viewable from any direction. Beanbags have been placed right at the front of the cinema for those looking for a more intimate movie going experience.

People are extremely excited about the news, and it seems like it’s headed towards becoming a big hit:






It is to be noted that there are multiple provisions being set in place to ensure that traffic doesn’t rain on people’s parade when they head over to JBR. As long as effective steps for resolving traffic issues are taken in order to provide the best entertainment experience to visitors, JBR is and will continue to be, one of the most happening places in UAE.

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