With the abundance of malls and shopping centers to choose from, it has become harder for businesses to create a competitive edge in the market. Customers have become smarter about what they demand, giving as much priority to service as to product range or options available at an outlet.

In order to make sure the customer prefers visiting your store, he or she must enjoy the overall experience offered by the mall and look forward to the services.

Here are some of the essentials which every mall must provide to ensure smooth customer experience and satisfaction. Create a checklist and check as you go along, working on all loopholes.

Responsive Help Desk

The first and foremost goal should be a responsive and efficient help desk. The help desk should not only be on the main floor, but in fact on all floors of the mall, attending to customers and guiding them. The desk should carry all necessary information and be able to connect customers, to any store or department in the mall.

Flyers and brochures, as well as maps of the mall, should be made available, for avoiding unnecessary inconvenience to the customer. A directory of all stores and brands should be kept at the desk for customers.

Customer Service Representatives and Guides

The quality of customer service is monitored by the service reps and their interaction with the customers. Representatives must greet customers well and be ready to assist them, with information and directions. If customers are facing any kind of problem, from locating a store to looking for a lost item, customer service reps must be there to deliver.

Transport Services

Having a well-structured transport link between your mall and the transport network is essential for bringing customers to your outlet. Public transport, shuttle services and metro etc., should all be easily available for customers coming to your mall. It is important to ensure customers are well aware of all the transport links and routes to and from the mall. Not everyone has a car, so driving themselves to the mall isn’t always the option.

For those who are driving themselves to your mall, they must be allocated with sufficient parking space and security to accommodate their vehicles. Similarly exit, entry signs along with parking levels in the mall should be clearly demarcated so customers can easily locate where they have parked their vehicles.

Self-Service Options

Giving customer’s access to self-service options at the malls can be very useful and improve the customer’s experience. For example having ATM’s installed at the mall is necessary, for both the customer as well as the stores.

Electronic map screens should be available as well, incase customers want to browse through the different stores in the mall and get directions. Many malls also give the option of locating their car and parking spot, through touch screens installed at different points in the mall.

Facilitating Customers With Special Needs

Customers with special needs should be given an attentive service, looking after their needs and requirements. Parking for the disabled customers should be separately organized and managed, ensuring a smooth experience for them, whenever they visit the mall. The elderly should have the option of carts, if they can’t walk long distances to go to their favorite store.

Mall App, To Better Plan and Structure the Trip

The modern customer, likes to read up about a place he or she is about to visit. See what people are saying, what the ratings reflect and what reviews the mall has gathered. They also enjoy being updated on what kind of experience they will be having and what the entire mall has to offer.

To meet the growing demands of the smart world and intense competition, apps should be made, which give enough insight into the experience and offerings of the mall.