The summer season has arrived and with it the theme park fever; thousands of families will be hitting themes parks all over the world, looking forward to making the most out of their trips. The huge influx of customers makes it increasingly difficult for the management to cater to the needs of every client; never ending queues, service failures, lost valuables (including children), etc. are some of the more recurring and common concerns of the visitors.

Theme parks are not just about the best roller coaster rides, there are many areas of customer service that need to be carefully monitored, in order to guarantee an improved entertainment experience. Here are some tips that will leave a positive impact on your customers and help you carve out an impressive reputation.

Keep Them Engaged While They Wait

Infinite lines are a must-have at every theme park in the world especially on some of the more popular rides during busy season. Research shows that people are only able to enjoy 9 out of 40 rides on average due to a shortage of time, the main cause of which are never ending queues. The long queues can rob you off your profits.

Why don’t people want to stand in long lines for an exhilarating ride? The answer is simple: No one wants to stand idle for 30 minutes. It is frustrating and annoying. What is the solution? Engage them. While they are standing in line, ask them to fill out a quick questionnaire, give them free souvenirs, offer them a quick snack (they will pay for it, of course), etc. Such ideas of engagement will keep them occupied as they wait for their favorite ride.

Quick Response Force

Medical emergencies, a lost child, etc. are an everyday happening at theme parks. Making several quick response forces and spreading them out all over the area will ensure that people do not have to run around for help.

Make a hotline and post its number all across. Give basic first aid training to the quick response force, and have them trained in handling emergencies of all sorts. Giving them golf carts, for example, is an easy way to ensure that they are able to get to the person in need of help in the shortest possible time.

Everyone would want to visit a place where they feel safe and looked after. A little effort and investment on your end will ensure a loyal customer base.

Smartphone app

Make use of the latest tech advancements and revolutionize the way you operate. A large portion of the world’s population now possesses smartphones. Gone are the days of desktops. Develop a smartphone application and enhance the quality of your services.

Your smart phone app should allow people to buy tickets online, navigate through the park with comprehensive maps and guides, check latest promotions and family deals, etc. The app will not only take off the load from your frontline staff, it will also allow for a faster inflow of customers.

Provide for Special Needs

Everyone wants to live a complete life and enjoy it entirely. It is important for all businesses to cater to the needs of the disabled. For theme parks, making adjustments to the rides is important so that people with special needs can also enjoy them without having to feel awkward. This is one of the best ways to increase satisfaction levels. Have wheel chair access and special counters with your service staff ready to help them out. It is these small gestures that will give you the reputation of being a leading theme park which caters to the needs of a diverse variety of visitors. This will not only make your business socially responsible but also win you more customers and give you an edge over your rivals.

Multilingual Support

Big theme parks are flooded by tourists coming from all over the world. A language barrier can be an annoying issue for them. Even though chances are that they will be able to converse in basic English to some extent, yet still customers might have to go through the ordeal of asking passing by strangers for details and directions.

How easy would it be if a tourist from a foreign country is able to read the sign boards and all the printed guide maps. Having signs and printed brochures in some of the more known and widely spoken languages can be a great plus. Another smart move is to hire people who are proficient in multiple languages to help customers. A multilingual help desk is the way forward.

With these tips, make the best out of this season and notice a sharp increase in your profits and client satisfaction levels.