The key to survival in an evolving digital environment is to understand the expectations of digital customers and to keep pace with their needs and preferences. Tech savvy customers of today want innovative and quick customer service. Therefore, if you want to win over digital customers you need to offer services which involve the smart use of technology along with emotionally sensitive CSRs. Digital customers use multiple communication channels, so in order to understand their needs, you need to offer multichannel support. For one digital customer, communicating via email might be a likable option while others might prefer social media for interaction. In order to exceed the expectations of digital customers of today, it is essential to communicate on multiple channels. Companies must be able to effectively manage the digital customer experience and improve it according to the inclinations of customers. Here are six things that a digital customer is likely to expect from every business!

Digital Customers Want Innovation

Tech savvy customers of today want original and innovative products/services. A digital customer would pick up a product that stands out, is different, gives value for money and has been marketed in a distinctive manner. Whether you are running a gadget store or an online clothing brand, you need to offer your customers unique and striking products. Instead of sticking to one kind of product, offer them variety, keep on adding products to your catalog and surprise your customers. Every time they walk into your store, offer them something new and exciting. It would not only keep customers coming back to you but being innovative is likely to serve as a competitive advantage for your business.

A Digital Customer Prefers a Business that is Active on Social Media

Digital customers would want you to take notice of their Facebook comments, tweets and other social media posts. Businesses that are active on social media have taken the lead in earning themselves loyalty of digital customers. Whether you are running a bakery or an ecommerce website, stay connected with your digital customers on social media. A majority of your customers would want you to reply to them instantly on social media regarding your products, so ensure that you manage your social media accounts actively. If you are taking product orders via Facebook make sure to answer customer queries in minimal time and keep your digital customers posted about the latest happenings and upcoming launches.

A Personalized Service and a Dedicated CSR is What Every Digital Customer Wants

A digital customer wants you to offer him/her a personalized service experience. He /she would like you to take into account the individual preferences while delivering a product/service. Moreover, these customers would prefer a dedicated CSR who solely addresses their queries and issues. Digital customers want to feel empowered and the best way to serve them is to consider their choice while designing a product/service. Customize a product according to the liking of a customer, such a customer experience strategy would satisfy your digital customers and they are likely to stay with your business for long.

These Customers Need Omni Channel Customer Support

Digital customers want multiple communication and customer support channels. They would instantly switch channels of communication if they feel they are not being heard or facilitated on one medium. For instance, if a customer has registered his/her complaint via e-mail and it is taking too long to get the issue resolved, he/she might call a CSR or talk to a live chat agent about it. If you want to improve customer satisfaction levels for your digital customers you need to offer them integrated Omni channel customer support. Agent desktops are being used by businesses these days so that if a customer changes a channel or agent he/she doesn’t have to go through the process of repeating a query or a complaint.

Digital Customers want to be Remembered

Customers prefer businesses which welcome and remember them. In order to make the experience delightful for your digital customers, you need to remember their names and their likings. They would want you to appreciate them and show your gratitude. Send a thank you text, e-card or e-mail after you have done business. If you are launching a new product, send an e-mail to your digital customers enlightening them about the upcoming product but make sure to make it more of an interactive e-mail rather than a marketing gimmick. Make your customers feel that you remember them and want them to visit your store again.

Digital Customers love Self-Service but they want Attention and Care too

Digital customers want businesses to offer them speedy customer service. Many businesses are offering their digital customers a self-service option which has reduced the service wait time and improved the experience. However, a lack of human element is one thing that your customers might be missing. In order to strike the balance, offer your customers both options. This way they would feel that their expectations are being met in terms of quick self-service and at the same time a business is taking care of their needs if they want a representative to help them out.