Successfully running a store which sells accessories for women can be a challenging endeavor. You might be witnessing a decline in sales or difficulty in attracting new customers. What are the essentials that your store needs to focus on in order to appeal to your customer base? How can you ensure repeat business and grow your market share? While having trendy products which your target audience wants is a primary factor to consider, creating the right marketing campaign and focusing on providing great customer experience are important for attracting and retaining customers. Here are some useful tips for accessory stores that need to be considered:


Focus on Design and Layout of Your Store

The outlet matters! The whole aura of your store should be eye-pleasing and captivating. Ensure that you have an attractive display with all your best products. From the moment a customer steps into your store, a representative should greet the customer and make him/her feel welcomed. Paint the walls of your store with rich, vibrant colors or add wallpaper and mirrors to enhance the ambiance.

Whether your store is selling jewelry, hair accessories, hats, handbags, shoes or scarves, all different varieties should be displayed in a manner that customers can easily find items. Create sections for all your different products. The store itself should have appropriate lighting and comfortable sofas can be added to a corner where customers can sit and try out different items.

Create a Lasting Impression on Customers

Certain areas need to be focused on in order to create a lasting impression on customers. For instance, the overall environment must be comfortable and pleasing to the customers. Similarly the staff at your outlet should have the right attitude to serve customers.

Hire and train a team of friendly customer service representatives who can assist customers with all their needs. Your staff should be well informed about all the different accessories at your store and know the latest trends. Representatives at your store should have a courteous and welcoming attitude. Some customers get confused between two options, your reps should be able to make suggestions and give advice on what is the best option for them. All these efforts are considered by customers and gives them the impression that your store genuinely cares about their needs.

Having your staff wear different accessories can also be a great way to promote your products.

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Product Promotion by Giveaways and Discounts

Nothing makes shoppers happier than a sale. By introducing sales and discounts, you’re ensuring popularity and happy clients before they even step into your outlet. Since no amount of accessories is ever just “enough”, people keep coming back for them. On the other hand, they tend to be more careful about spending too much money on something that’s considered luxury.

Ensure that your customers feel they are smart spending on something that’s worth their money by standing out in terms of your branding and discounts. Similarly adding small giveaways with purchases made by customers will make them happier.

Offer Something Extra to Customers

Offering something extra to your customers is always a great strategy to win more customers and to keep them coming back to your outlet. Since many people shop for accessories as presents for others, proposing complimentary gift cards and gift-wrapping services to customers would ensure customer satisfaction. Including ribbons, gift cards and gift bags would also help you promote your business.

Similarly you can work in collaboration with other businesses to offer something extra to your customers. For instance you could team up with cafes and restaurants in your area and offer your customers discount vouchers on meals/coffee with every item purchased from your store. This cross promotion works brilliantly since people like to shop and they also like to eat out with friends.

Make Use of Customer Feedback

Asking for feedback from customers is important because it not only helps your company improve on products and services based on their feedback but also creates the impression that you care about the customers’ opinions. You can ask your customers for suggestions on different aspects. For example, their ideas on the quality of the accessories they buy from you, the durability, whether they stand out or not, etc.

Having an open mind and welcoming complaints will help you enhance service experience. Do not be afraid of listening to a customer who tells you they are not happy with the accessories they bought from your store. By encouraging customers to give regular feedback, you can understand what exactly it is that your customers expect of you and implement that in order to ensure customer satisfaction.