Disgruntled customers have the most negative influence on any company’s brand value. It is very important to understand that winning back customers is more than PR management. At its core, quality customer service tells the customers’ that the company really cares about them. In order to grow the customer base, a company needs to retain more customers.

Following are helpful strategies on how to win back your customers:

Find the Reason

There can be any reason for a customer threatening to leave a company. From pricing to a product’s features to poor customer service. The first thing the company must determine is what is or are the reasons for a disgruntled customer. This can be done by calmly listening to the customer, asking them for what they want to be done and help provide them with the best solution.

Empowering Staff

A company might have a top-down chain of command, but empowering the frontline staff under certain guidelines and some authority to address an issue immediately is better than saying “I’ll report your problem to my manager.” This will help them deal with disgruntled customers easily and will save time.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be an extremely important tool in pacifying a disgruntled customer. Having an integrated customer support system via phone, email, live chat and social media is vital in today’s business world. Not only can a problem be solved, but also a company can learn and rectify from complaints and mistakes. Following up on a complaint will also make a disgruntled customer feel that his concerns matter to the company.


Admitting a mistake is one of the simplest waysof conveying to the customer that they have been heard. A relationship between a business and a customer is built on trust. A violation of trust e.g. faulty service, makes for a disgruntled or even a lost customer. Taking responsibility and accepting the mistake is important. After apologizing, the customer must be told why it happened and what is being done to rectify it.

Offer Incentives

Customers often feel that they are not compensated enough for the anguish that they went through. Offering incentives is one way of making a disgruntled customer come back to the fold. Any number of scenarios for a company to engage a disgruntled customer can be generated.

One possible scenario is a dissatisfied internet service user who is provided free internet for a couple of months for reusing the service. A Win back, which is great for lost customers, is any type of incentive with a short expiration date offered to customers who have not made any purchases in a while. Another example could be of a customer who was promised that a product would be delivered within a certain time limit but it got delayed, the company can instead offer the product at a discount or it can waive off the shipping charges.