Differentiation of pricing cannot create the same effect and satisfaction, which a premium and delightful service experience can. Research by Bain & Co. shows that a “customer is 4 times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related”.

Making your customers fall in love with you and choosing you every time over others, is a choice you can instill in their hearts, only through amazing and loving customer service. Let’s uncover the essential laws of making your customers fall in love with your brand.

Long Lasting Trust
Good looks, style and charm can infatuate people, but can never win long lasting love. While your brand works on advertising itself smartly, the core values of offering trust and loyalty are the essential ingredients, to keep your customers in love.

Offer service that guarantees dependability at every point, making your customer feel safe and secure. Whether the mistake was from the company’s end or not, a customer should be comforted that you are always looking to provide a solution, and turn a negative experience into a memorable one. Whether it’s a 2 am phone call, or the long wait outside your store, you will promise to be there and offer endless support.

Listen Attentively
Ever heard your lover say, you don’t have time to listen to me, or you missed the real point? Well your customers are as sensitive, if not more, when it comes to having their problems heard. Give them your time and let them share their experiences with you, and how they felt about a particular problem or experience.

Let’s see how this will help you? Firstly it will give you the opportunity to rectify your mistake and win them back, instead of losing them to someone else. Second, it will give you the opportunity to stop this from happening to your other customers, and protecting them from such an experience, and thirdly, it will help your business grow, understand its loop holes and as a result enhance your service quality. So it’s a win- win situation. Spend the time and hear your customers out, they just want to be valued!

Enchant through Surprises
Gifts are most valued when they are least expected and given to show love and care, without the need of a special date or an expected birthday gift. Delight your customers through surprise gifts, such as a special discount, a gift card, a small item or even a hand written note that shows you’re thinking of them and valuing them for putting in the effort to do business with your company. Thank you notes, hand written with a scented pen, can stir feelings of love and value in the hearts of your customers.

Remember their birthdays, their anniversaries, or simply send them a gift because the summer is here and you would love them to have a discount on your beach flip flops or your latest sunglasses on sale. Sending a red lipstick or a red tie to your loyal customers’ right before Valentine’s Day, shows you’re with them through it all.

Be Honest
A relationship without honesty is a void that cannot sustain itself. Whether it is between a couple, trying to discover each other, or a lost customer trying to find the best brand in town to do business with. Open up with your customer, and let them know exactly what you will be delivering to them, without any exaggeration and manipulation.

Always look to over deliver to your customers, in trying to give them a satisfactory experience, but never over promise, in trying to attract more customers. It will work for the initial time, but customers will always switch providers, if they feel disappointed, or cheated.

Continue to Charm
Ok great, you have a customer and he or she is doing business with you. So you stop, and move on to winning new customers? Please don’t make that mistake. Getting a customer to come and shop at your store, doesn’t mean you have garnered a loyal customer for life. Just like you would like your loved ones to constantly show they care, your customers always want to be reminded every now and then of their importance. Keep working towards taking new and innovative initiatives which charm your customers and keep them connected.

Offer them new experiences every time and treat them with affection. Charm them with new offers and inventive ways to enhance service experience and add value to the customer journey at every touch point. Research by Mckinsey, shows that “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated”.