The most challenging task for a brand is to provide a holistic customer service experience, which meets the demand of all kinds of customers. The difficult part is in trying to cater to the needs of different kinds of customers as every one of them has distinctive personality traits. Offering a unique and quality customer experience is on every brand’s agenda and it can be turned into a more result oriented endeavor if you get to know the mindset of various kinds of customers. Here are a few insightful tips that you can make use of for customer satisfaction.

The Overly Emotional Customers

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”- Bill Gates. There are always these customers who get easily agitated if they find the quality of a product/service not satisfactory. You might hear a lot of offensive comments like “Fix it or give me my money back,” “You are so nonprofessional” or “I want to have a word with the manager instantly”. Angry and emotional customers are likely to irritate and offend you but the best way to deal with such clients is listening to them patiently. Let them vent their angry emotions and then try your best to calm them down, suggest solutions for their complaints immediately, make them feel that you care. You can turn them into your most loyal customers with your positive attitude.

Extremely Polite Customers

These customers are super sweet, easy to convince and quite understanding. You should be valuing them as a real asset, make them feel comfortable and special. Remembering their names and greeting them nicely on every visit will further strengthen your relationship with them. E-mail your seasonal discount packages and deals to interact with them. Ask them to join your social media pages; another way to communicate is to get a comment card filled. Polite customers are the easiest to get along with; they are the best source of word of mouth advertising for a brand. If they receive a special offer or treatment from you, they will recommend your products/services to their loved ones, friends and acquaintances. So try to facilitate them as much as you can.

The Confused Customers

Satisfying this kind of customers is challenging because they do not really know what they are looking for. Persuading them to buy a product or avail a service can take considerable amount of time so first of all be patient; use your instincts and experience to deal with them. Show them the products that are bestsellers, try to convince them realistically and logically. Smile and interact with these customers in a friendly manner, usually they have reservations about a product or are just indecisive; they are looking for suggestions and help. Retaining these customers is solely dependent on your service strategy, you might end up selling nothing to them, it would seem a futile endeavor but you have to thank them and stay polite since it is likely to strengthen your brand’s image.

The Whining Customers

This category of customers is really hard to satisfy since theyare always unhappy about one feature of a product/service or the other. These customers are particular about meticulous details and want everything near perfection. It becomes even more troubling when you have to deal with the whining customers via phone or chat. Before you offer a way out to one issue, they shoot a new one, not giving you a chance to address the first problem. The appropriate way to manage this sort of customers is to ask them about all their complaints and then offering a full-fledged solution. Patience is the key and you should always empathize with the complaining customers.

The Loyal Customers

The customers who keep on coming back to you deserveextra perks andspecial attention.Taking loyal customers for granted is one of the worst practices of customer service. While there are numerous ways to retain customers, start off with the simplest ones; show your gratitude and appreciation, connect with your loyal customers on a regular basis and exceed their expectations by offering them the best. Seek out ways to make them happy and satisfied. Apart from discount cards and coupons, send out newsletters and communicate well on social media portals.

The Bargaining Customers

These are very demanding customers since they alwaysneed a discount and will be bargaining on every purchase. Sometimes, handling such customers gets quite frustrating since they are not ready to buy a product paying the tagged price. You have to understand the psychology of such customers before dealing with them. There are many cultures in which bargaining for various commodities is a common everyday practice so you need to consider different cultural contexts and respect them. Be nice to the bargain hunters and explain that there are a few products that have discount or special deals while others can’t possibly have them. Offer these customers membership cards and update them about your seasonal sales and discount offerings on regular basis.

New and Walk in Customers

You have to be very professional andaccommodating with new and walk in customers. Make them feel welcomed and spend significant time addressing their queries. The new customers are very important since they usually come through a referral or advertising. You need to prove to them that they have made the right choice by trusting your services. Walk in customers might not know much about your products/services, so take this as an opportunity to introduce your brand. Make sure that you don’t push the new or walk in customers for a buying decision; you should not exaggerate or brag about your company/services either. A realistic approach is likely to earn you customers’ trust, so be real.

Have you catered to any other tricky kind of customers? Share your experience in the comments below!