‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face ‘

I believe a customer service representative can relate to this quote by Mike Tyson when dealing with an angry customer. To all the customer service guys out there reading this: I know you have a grin on your face and you know exactly what I am talking about.

Every customer service representative thinks he knows all the tricks in the book until he is faced with the task of handling an angry client. Customer service people are so concerned about getting it right the first time that sometimes they overlook the need to train their front line staff on how to handle a raging customer.


Listening is a long lost art in today’s world. A good listener can diffuse any situation within a matter of minutes. A customer, once he realizes that his anger and concerns have been heard, will feel psychologically satisfied and most probably calm down. Let the customer vent it out as you patiently listen.


An important step towards solving service failure is apologizing.  Due to lack of training, officials usually fail to admit their mistake, which in turn further aggravates the situation. You need to accept responsibility for whatever went wrong and apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused. Empathize with the customer, just stop for a moment and imagine what the customer is going through. This will certainly help in interacting with your customer better.

Say No To Smart Talk:

Never smart talk an angry customer. We know you have amazing skills when it comes to communicating and handling people, but let’s face it, no one likes to be smart talked when he/she is angry. Hurrying and tricking them into a solution will only frustrate them more and make matters worse.


Assure your customer that you will be on your toes until you get the problem sorted.


Remember how the ice cream that the dentist gave you after a painful extraction caused you to get over the pain and return happily for a visit next time? Give discount coupons, send flowers etc. Be willing to open your heart and your wallet. You need to give the customers something that they value, something that will help them get over what happened and develop a stable relationship with your business.

No one wants to face an angry client, but that’s a part of your job and without a doubt, one of the more crucial parts. A successful service recovery ensures the cliental that the business will take any steps necessary to ensure their satisfaction, which translates into customer loyalty and increased profits.

Now that you have been equipped with all the tools, fasten your seat belt, take a deep breath, prepare for impact and get ready to face an angry customer!