Ever wonder why that lady who spent a considerable amount of money at your store a month ago never came back around? Or why that man keeps going to your competitor across the street while the two of you offer almost exactly the same products? One of the factors is quite simple and straightforward-exceptional customer experience. Having staff which is trained with the right customer service skills will make them capable of delivering better experience. This also increases the chance of customers coming back.

Here are a few tips for leaving a lasting impact on your customers.

Keep Your Employees Happy

The first thing people notice when they enter your store is the general attitude of your team. If they enter and see a team that is not happy to be in the store themselves, this will surely create a negative perception in the minds of your customers. Whereas if a person enters the store and finds smiling and enthusiastic representatives there to greet him/her, this is likely to create a more pleasant shopping experience. Therefore, make sure your team is happy and the morale is high. When employees like their job, are happy and motivated, they will go the extra mile to ensure the customer leaves happy too.

Sell the Experience

When a customer goes home after spending time at your store, they don’t just take with them the product, they take along the whole experience. The customer will not only remember products that were bought from your store, but also remember the time they spent there. Therefore, it is imperative that retailers start focusing on the overall experience of shopping they deliver. Train your staff with the right customer service training programs to improve interaction at every touch point. Proactively reach out to clients and ask them about their needs. From the moment they step into your store to the point they make a purchase and leave, ensure a memorable experience. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer in order to come up with a strategy for creating an experience they will remember. Focus on the little details, from the store ambiance to how convenient it is to locate a product.

Keep Customers Informed

Your customers will stay loyal to you as long as you are catering to their needs. Make sure they are well informed about any ongoing sales in your store or if there is a new arrival. If they are shopping at the store and there is a promotion running, make sure they are informed about it so that they can avail the benefits. Send out regular updates via email and publish posts on your social media accounts to inform customers of new products, sales or other important information such as a change in store location or working hours during the holidays.

An Experience for Everyone

Many people tend to take their children along when shopping. In order to make it more convenient for parents who are shopping, it is always a good idea to have a small play area for children who are visiting the store. Several toys can be added and drawing /painting tools for kids to ensure they are happy and kept busy while the parents shop. Having a children’s corner reflects to visiting customers that your business has thought about catering to the needs of everyone. Similarly, ensure that you have taken into consideration needs of people with disabilities. Have the layout of your store designed in a manner which caters to people with special needs and train staff to take care of their requirements.

Quick Checkout Counters

Slow checkout counters can be a nightmare, especially today when people have such little time. Having multiple checkout counters is a must-have for retail stores. Ensure a smooth and convenient checkout process for all customers by integrating the latest technology. Many customers with the DIY mindset also prefer self-service checkout counters. Have trained staff on all counters including the self-service ones for clients who might need help.