The landscape of customer experience (CX) is undergoing rapid transformation with the convergence of technology, social media marketing and changing consumer behavior. The old model of just simply buying products is becoming obsolete as more and more people are concerned about the experience they gain with it. Brands are rapidly benchmarking their competitive advantage based on the experience they deliver. Going the extra mile every time and putting customers first has become a priority for businesses who want to have a loyal clientele. While companies are looking to focus on different ways to offer customer service excellence, what are some of the biggest myths about customer experience? Let’s walk through some of the most common ones.

Low Price = Customer Happiness

Creating customer happiness is often linked to low price. There’s no doubt that low price is an appealing strategy, however, it cannot be labelled as the most important factor that ensures customer happiness. For instance, you bought a fridge at a low price from a company but it didn’t work properly and no one from the company responded to your concerns. Would you still be a happy customer? A CEI survey reveals that 86% of customers are willing to bear a higher cost in return for better customer experience. Many people prefer investing in products which are slightly more expensive but come with a guarantee that they will last longer. Never compromise on product quality or the experience you have promised to deliver.

No Complaints = Satisfied Customers

Contrary to popular belief, having no complaints doesn’t mean your customers are satisfied. It might be that customers can’t reach the appropriate contact point or they just don’t care enough about your brand to give you feedback. Many customers prefer not to confront companies with their concerns and just make the switch to other companies without saying a word. If customers are leaving a company because they are unhappy, they might not be telling this to the business directly but sharing their story with friends and family. Damage control, in such a case, is probably a near-impossible feat as people will believe what other people close to them are saying instead of what your business is publicizing.

Thus, you need to ensure that your customers know where to reach you when there’s a problem and encourage them to share their experiences, both positive and negative. Stay in touch with them and ask for feedback. Don’t forget that your unhappy and dissatisfied customers offer valuable insight to what’s missing in your offers or the entire customer journey.

Marketing Budget > Customer Experience Budget

Telling a great story and creating the right brand perception is undoubtedly becoming increasingly important for businesses operating in a fiercely competitive marketplace. It wasn’t long ago that marketing fought the battle to rightfully earn its place in the business dynamics. However, thinking that a major chunk of your budget should be spent on marketing instead of customer experience is a grave mistake. The service and support you offer to customers is vital for retaining them and ensuring they are happy. Great customer experience can lead to your clients being brand advocates and enthusiasts. Without investing in a comprehensive customer experience strategy and ensuring customer service training, you have a higher chance of failing and losing your clientele.

Positive Reviews = Guaranteed Business

At a time where fake social media numbers and paid reviews have become a norm, an all positive image may actually do more harm than good to your business. It is natural that every company always has a mix of some unhappy and some happy customers. Embrace it. What really matters is how you handle complaints and deal with unhappy customers and reviews. How you respond to dissatisfied customers will influence their perception and might even turn them into loyal brand advocates. A great customer service story makes a powerful impact on prospects than any other element of the brand. Thus, you shouldn’t focus on showcasing positive reviews only, but also some great service stories where you have gone above and beyond to help them out.